You may have the engagement ring, but while you’re planning your big day, you’ll need to pick out the rings you will place on one another’s fingers. These rings will stay on your fingers for the rest of your lives, so this is an important decision to make with your future husband or wife. If
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Linen Rental or Paper for Your Spring Wedding?

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While most of America is preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, brides-to-be putting together plans for spring nuptials are hard at work trying to make sure that no detail is overlooked. Their hearts and minds will be focused almost entirely on their weddings to the exclusion of everything else. If you are a bride preparing
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Benefits of Using a Wedding Planner

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From the minute you get engaged, wedding plans are on your mind. Many brides have been dreaming of their wedding day since their childhood. They may have the perfect dress, cake, and flower arrangement in mind. Once the planning gets underway, many couples realise that they need some help. It can take many visits to
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