3 Tips for the Perfect Wedding

3 Tips for the Perfect Wedding

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There are few days as important in our lives as the day we get married. From the moment the big question is asked until the time that the happy couple heads out for their honeymoon, this is a time of big events. There are wedding dinners to plan, themes to decide upon, guest lists to hone down or blow up and of course, the inevitable question of the wedding dress. Oh yes, I think for guys there are a few things to decide as well, but then the ring and the question are the biggest and they all happen at the beginning of this circus.

But for anyone who has ever had to help plan a wedding, the actual day of the wedding can be a nightmare or a day of joy. So much depends on the ability of the wedding planner, whether that is a professional or the best friend of the bride. Sometimes, if you are lucky, it can be both and they may even remain friends after the big day. So, if you or someone you know has been coerced into helping to plan that big day for someone you love – listen up. Here are three major tips that can make or break the day.

Take Care of the Basics

While there are always going to be details, if you take care of the basic needs of the bride and groom, you are off to a good start. Yes, someone will flub a line or a flower girl may suddenly get shy. The catering company could be late or the groom could panic. But in the end, the basics are simply to get everyone to the church (or meeting hall) on time and on schedule.

Beyond that, don’t sweat the little things. Years from now you will all laugh about how the wedding cake slid off the table or the father of the bride got more than a bit tipsy at his speech. Right now, just get everyone where they need to be and then take a nice slow breath.

Sending Offs

When the ceremony has been done, the dinner finished and the last dance completed, it is time to send off the bride and groom in a shower of love and glory. If you are having problems coming up with the right exit, just check out https://www.sparklersonline.com/blog/creative-ideas/30-wedding-send-off-ideas-for-the-perfect-exit/ to get some cool and fun ideas on how to finish the day and the event with the perfect note. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so don’t be afraid to cherry pick some of these ideas and make them your own.

Record It All

Having more than one photographer for this event is always a smart idea. While you want someone to be the “official photographer” who sets up the pics for that picture-perfect wedding album, don’t be afraid to encourage more photos. These days we all have cameras on our phones and you know that just about everyone will be wanting to snap a few shots.

Many weddings have one of those disposable cameras on each table at the wedding dinner, to encourage more pictures. With The Cloud for uploading, you can let folks know where they can upload and share, so that your images capture all the love and fun.

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