Different Types Of Papers Used For Making Attractive Wedding Invitations

Different Types Of Papers Used For Making Attractive Wedding Invitations

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Wedding is an important memorable event in the life of every man and woman. It is a social function that involves the families and friends of both bride and groom as well. Hence, these well-wishers need to be invited by the marrying couples; by sending nicely designed wedding invitations. The reputed card makers should be contacted for this purpose, who can suggest about using the most suitable kinds of papers, as per the choice and budget of the new couples.

Various wedding invitation papers of striking looks 


  • Marbled paper is a kind of decorative paper that resembles the actual marble blocks in colors and designs. Hence, this paper is available in lighter shades and its glossy look makes it a perfect choice for making the gorgeous envelopes of the wedding cards. These papers are also available as handmade ones that look to be cozier.
  • Vellum is a translucent paper with a very smooth and glossy surface, which is needed to be attached over a thicker and completely opaque paper of vibrant colors. All the colorful Indian wedding invitation designs look more elegant when viewed through the layer of this shining frosted paper.

  • Matte paper is a popular variety that is often used for writing the wedding invitation letters, mainly due to its subtle look. Usually, this paper is available in white and different pastel colors, which look prettier due to the extra smoothness of its surface. There are different types of matte papers depending on its finish, namely the semi-matte, premium matte, double-sided matte and the photo quality matte.

  • Cotton fibered paper is made out of the cotton strands and provides a classic look to all the popular Indian wedding card designs. Sometimes, these cotton papers are rendered a glossier finish by blending with shining linen fibers during the manufacturing process. This type of paper often has a crosshatched surface of different attractive textures that fit the modern wedding cards.

  • Glossy paper is a popular choice for making the cover page of the wedding cards, due to its extra shine that immediately attracts the viewers. A special chemical is used for coating this paper, rendering to its beautiful glossiness that matches the jovial mood of the weddings. All colorful designs can be easily printed on this paper and any color looks brighter on this shining surface.

  • Glassine is a lightweight paper with a waxy surface that is mostly used for attaching in between the leaves of the wedding cards, for making the cards more ornamental in nature. Sometimes, the envelopes of the wedding cards are also created with this paper, mainly due to its shiny look.

  • Mylar paper is mainly preferred for its metallic shine and a smooth finish, which is more expressive for some special wedding card styles. This paper is coated with a chemical called biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate or in short, BoPET. This paper is needed for making the box-styled wedding cards, where golden or silver Mylar paper is generally used.

There are also the parchment paper, handmade paper, and recycled paper that are quite expensive and used mainly for creating beautiful wedding cards.

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