Essential Ingredients for a Traditional Wedding

Essential Ingredients for a Traditional Wedding

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While we live in a modern age, many couples prefer to theme their wedding to traditional values, as this is a very special day, and one to be cherished and remembered. Top hat and tails with a horse drawn carriage would be a fitting scenario for a soon to be married couple, and by asking all the guests to wear appropriate attire, the big day will be one of style and character. If you are soon to be walking down the aisle and would like it to be a traditional affair, here are some essential ingredients to ensure things go smoothly.

  • The Flowers – You can always get online and look for wedding flowers in Brisbane, or wherever you happen to live, and with an established provider, you can be sure that the flowers arrive on time and in perfect condition. A wedding without flowers in unthinkable, and if you are going down the traditional path, roses are the order of the day, and with a mixture of white and pink, the bouquets will add colour and depth to the setting.
  • The Bride’s Transport – If you’re thinking that a horse and carriage would be appropriate, there are online specialists who cater for traditional weddings. Make sure you contact the provider well in advance, especially if you are planning a summer wedding, as these spectacular horse and carriage combinations can be very busy. You might, on the other hand, fancy a vintage Rolls Royce that is adorned with flowers, which is a fitting way for the bride to arrive, but whatever you choose, book well in advance if you want to be sure of the booking. 
  • Guest Participation – It is essential that all the guests are aware of the theme and will therefore dress accordingly. One of the highlights of a traditional wedding is the spectacular variation in guest attire, and with everyone on the same page, the event will be a fitting memory for all who attended. 
  • The Music – The music during the reception party should obviously reflect the period, which might be Victorian or perhaps the roaring twenties, and if you are hiring any live entertainment, make sure it fits in well with the theme. 
  • Photography – The photographer can use black and white on the day, and with digital applications, one can add filters that accentuate the period you are recreating. Any good wedding photographer would have a portfolio to show, and the effects you prefer can be used. It is essential that the photographer has black and white experience, as this really is a specialised field, and with a wedding, there are no second takes.

With everything in place and the guests suitable attired, the scene is set for the bride’s arrival, and with a quality photographer capturing the occasion, your wedding will be talked about for many years to come. Attention to detail is needed if you are to make a traditional wedding a success, and with online solutions, sourcing what you need is no longer the problem it once was.

Louie Elijah

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