Five Methods To Reuse Your Bridal Jewellery

So many women store their wedding gowns after their wedding, not to be worn again. After working several 100’s of dollars on the wedding gown, it is a question more brides don’t rent their wedding attire. While you will find less helpful methods to reuse a wedding dress, fortunately, reusing bridal jewellery is not really complex. Like a former bride, you might think about the following ways to use the wedding jewellery.


In the event that scrapbook is among your preferred past occasions, then you’ve most likely already began a marriage scrapbook. One suggestion which you may consider is dedicating a webpage or more to focus on your bridal attire. In this article you may incorporate a photo of yourself inside your wedding ensemble. You might embellish the page having a piece of fabric of the wedding dress and veil. Most importantly off, you might consider attaching your whole bridal jewellery set or perhaps in part for your scrapbook page–this gives your collage that extra Jewelry!


You may consider looking after your bridal jewellery inside a rut and saving it for the daughter, niece, or Goddaughter to put on to her promenade. Exactly what a kind gesture!

Something Old

Although getting children might be years lower the road, it’s perfectly okay to begin preparing in advance. All brides needs “something old” to put on lower the aisle on her behalf big day. Why don’t you your bridal jewellery? You may consider saving your bridal jewellery for the daughter, niece, or goddaughter to put on on her behalf big day.

Anniversary Party

A lot of couples decide to celebrate their milestone-wedding wedding anniversaries. Be it the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifty, fiftieth, or sixtieth anniversary, putting on your bridal jewellery towards the celebration is the best complement to such an occasion.

Bar Mitzvah /Cotillion

There’s always grounds to celebrate your personal milestones or those of other people of ones own. Putting on your bridal jewellery for your son’s, daughter’s, niece’s, or nephew’s Bar Mitzvah or Cotillion is yet another great option to repurposing the wedding jewellery.

You might find lots of possibilities to put on the wedding jewellery after your personal day. The key step to bear in mind is the fact that preserving the jewellery from your wedding event will assist you to have a lasting memory of your wedding event. Locating a new purpose for something as sentimental as the bridal jewellery makes your jewellery that rather more special.

Louie Elijah

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