How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Color

How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Color

How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Color

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Painting your house requires you to make a couple of decisions during the process, such as choosing the right colors for different areas. The particular color selected is something that should be considered carefully, as it will greatly affect the overall appearance of the room.

Painting is a requirement that pops up every now and then in relation to your house maintenance duties. The wall may develop a shabby look after a period of neglect, leading to the need for a fresh coat of paint to revamp its appearance. Sometimes you might just need a change after years of looking at the same shade on a wall.

One of the most essential issues to consider when painting the interior of your house is the particular colors involved. Whether you’re painting one room or intend to go over the entire house, color is a matter that cannot be decided on a whim. It would be wise to remember that in most cases, redoing the paint job if you’re not happy with the result will be a tedious and costly activity. That means the initial decision made should be one that you can stand by for a long time to come.

Some of the strategies you can use when choosing between different Janovic colors NYC include:

Complementary Combinations

If you’re painting an entire house, then chances are you will be using more than just one color to avoid monotony. Different sections such as the lounge and the garage will most likely involve different colors. With this in mind, it’s necessary for you to come up with a collection of different shades that will complement each other.

If you’re using bright colors in the hallways, for example, then you will need to choose a shade that will work well with these colors for the adjoining rooms. This will prevent the house from developing a busy look with contrasting features in every room. If the hallways are painted white, for instance, then adjoining rooms should take up a hue that works well with white – such as cream, beige, brown, or a tapered gray.

Don’t be Afraid to Explore

Some people may be hesitant to involve their favorite colors in a painting project as they might consider them too dull, bright, or unordinary. The beauty of color, however, is that it can be integrated into any environment with the proper planning. If you happen to love yellow and purple, for instance, you can combine these hues by stylishly divvying up the sectors that will be covered by the two shades.

If you’re not sure about this combination process, hiring a professional designer to help you work the colors into a room can greatly enhance your chances of success.


Light is always an important aspect when it comes to choosing the right color for a particular room. Natural light has a means of reflecting off different shades and surfaces that will influence the overall appearance of a place. Bright colors, for example, might be too intense in sectors where large areas are exposed to direct sunlight during the day – such as rooms with large windows and French doors. This is due to their reflective characteristics.

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