Linen Rental or Paper for Your Spring Wedding?

Linen Rental or Paper for Your Spring Wedding?

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While most of America is preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, brides-to-be putting together plans for spring nuptials are hard at work trying to make sure that no detail is overlooked. Their hearts and minds will be focused almost entirely on their weddings to the exclusion of everything else. If you are a bride preparing for a spring wedding, what are your thoughts on table linens?

Perhaps your caterer has suggested linen rental that coordinates table cloths and napkins with the overall colors and style of your wedding. Maybe you have thought of going a bit cheaper with paper. There is no right or wrong answer here. But it is worth considering what linen rental can do for you on your special day.

Alsco is a Utah company that offers table linens along with uniform rentals, hospital linens, and other commercial linen supplies. They say there are definite advantages to going with linen table cloths and napkins for a wedding reception. Check out some of them below.

Linens Can Set the Stage

Themed weddings are all the rage these days. As such, paper tablecloths and napkins do not lend themselves well to certain kinds of themes. But beyond that, rented linens can actually set the stage for creating an entire theme where none existed before. That’s right; rented linens can be the foundation of a wedding theme rather than an accessory to it.

Let’s say you’ve already chosen your colors but you’re at a loss for a theme. As you and your caterer were ongoing through linen options, you may have run across a selection that offers a distinct color combination or a unique texture. That color combination or texture could be the springboard for a new theme and all sorts of new ideas.

Linens Dress Up a Bleak Space

As much as you may have tried to avoid it, you may find yourself settling for a less-than-stellar location for your reception thanks to limited choices. Perhaps the space you have rented is downright bleak. Well, no worries if you are using table linens. Well-chosen tablecloths and napkins can be combined with floral arrangements, centerpieces, and a few other accessories to truly dress-up any environment.

Professional linens do so well in this regard that even spaces most people wouldn’t think of renting for a wedding reception suddenly become beautiful spaces more than worthy of the event. The transformation is a lot like what takes place with a Christmas tree. Even the barest, most Charlie Brown-looking tree becomes a spectacular work of holiday art with the right decorations.

Linens Are Unifying

Finally, linens are a unifying element that can tie together many different aspects of a wedding and reception. Color choices can and should be coordinated with the colors worn by the wedding party. Linens should tie in with the prevailing colors of the flower arrangements and decorations. If the right style is chosen, they should even pull in the decorative elements of the rented space itself.

In terms of unifying, formal linens are to wedding receptions what team jerseys are to pro sporting events. Home and away jerseys being worn by both players and fans alike bring together an environment that would otherwise be a contrast of inconsistent visuals. It is really an incredible thing to behold.

It is true that going with paper tablecloths and napkins saves money and makes cleaning up after the reception a lot easier. But your wedding day is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, right? Perhaps it is worth spending a little extra on rented linens. They really do add to the occasion.

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