Mocktails and Punches are Best Drinks for a Delightful Wedding

Mocktails and Punches are Best Drinks for a Delightful Wedding

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It is true that food and drinks is the most significant element of a wedding reception. Whether it is lunch or dinner, alcohol or fruit drinks each has to be served with perfection. Thus, hiring the best wedding caterer is very important. There is no time for you and your family to look after small things like arranging a drink for your guests that is why leaving this job to a caterer is the best.

We all know that champagne and beer is a vital part of reception. Every toast and a thank you note starts with a champagne glass. A good wedding catering service handles all such things skillfully. We cannot be specific with drinks because there are many who don’t like alcohol, for them you need to arrange fruit drink or punches to make them feel special.

Here are few non-alcoholic drinks that might be some good to know fact for you-

  • Punch
  • Pitcher
  • Virgin Cocktails
  • Classic drinks
  • Drinks for kids


Punches are cool drinks and guests can also choose to add liquor to it. They are carried in huge bowls and you can fill your glasses anytime you want. Generally, guests above 21 prefer taking it because they add liquor to it. There can be strawberry, orange slush, pineapple orange sherbet, cherry punch and pear punch, all of them taste special. All these punches are frozen overnight.


Pitcher is lesser in quantity compared to punch bowls, but still serves adequate guests. A drink is filled in a huge jar and then it is poured to glasses. This helps saving your time in preparing every glass of cocktail. Few of the pitcher drinks that have always been most in demand are pineapple ginger sparkler, non-alcoholic sangria is a mixture of kiwi and star fruit, but doesn’t include wine, frozen grapes give icy feeling if added to any cocktail.

Virgin Cocktails

These cocktails are garnished nicely and are filled with refreshing flavors. Anyone can enjoy this drink. Margarita mock tail, peach bellini, paloma fizz mock tail, blueberry Moscow mule cocktail are some of the drinks that can be used not only in wedding, but also in baby shower or any other event.

Classic drinks

Mint lime iced tea, minty Arnold palmer, basil lemonade punch and watermelon picnic punch are few of the classic drinks which signify old style of alcoholic drinks. Tea, soda and lemonade have always been a favorite of every individual if they don’t get cocktails or punches around.

Drinks for kids

Well, parties are not only about elder guests, you also have kids and of course, you don’t expect them to drink punches or mock tails. That is why keeping in mind your young guests you need to keep special drinks for them. Copycat orange Julius, party time hot cocoa, orange creamsicle Shirley temple and raspberry frost sodas are favorites of kids. They love the flavor of these drinks and would enjoy every sip of it.

These are few non-alcoholic drinks which can be included with or without drinks. They not only add value to your occasion, but also keep your guests happy.

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