Nothing can beat the entertainment factor that a live band lends to a wedding

Nothing can beat the entertainment factor that a live band lends to a wedding

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It’s no wonder that many couples love the idea of booking a live wedding band to provide the songs and music live for their wedding reception.

No other entertainment option matches the energy of a live bands when they play the couple’s favorite song.

However it can overwhelming to choose the best type of live band for your wedding.

What type of music do you choose – country, soul, jazz, rock, blues, or hip-hop? The type of music will determine the theme of their wedding reception.

In this article we cover five tips you should consider when making the choice of live entertainment at your wedding.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you are picking the right band for that memorable day of your life.

Choosing a Live Wedding Band – Consider the Venue

If you think that you want to have a live wedding band you should make sure that the venue for reception will be appropriate for live entertainment.

You will want to check the shape and size of the venue.

The amount of guests the location can hold as well as the size of the stage will determine what kind of live band experience you can have for your reception.

When the wedding reception venue is large and has open spaces you should be able to accommodate a band with seven to eight performers should be possible.

If you want a more intimate feel to your wedding reception, you should consider limiting the number of performers to only four people.

The Guest List Will Help You Decide What Type Of Live Wedding Band To Book

Your guests are important people in your lives that are sharing the happiness of you getting married – family members, close friends, and colleagues.

You should think about your guests when choosing a wedding band.  Give some thought about what kind of music they love to listen to as well as what would get them on the dance floor.

Bear in mind there will most likely be a good mix of people at your wedding. You might have seniors to children or sophisticates to street punks.

The live wedding band you choose should be flexible enough to meet the tastes of all your guests.

How Long Should Your Live Wedding Band Play?

Make sure that the live wedding band you choose has enough material to cover the length of your reception.

Playing for two or more hours be very different compared to the bands top five songs on an EP.putting together five of the band’s best songs.

You should not only listen to the band’s demo CD but you should try to see them performing live. You can judge in person if they have the energy, verve and personality to play a sustained period of time.

You should also watch how they change and adapt to a crowd so that during your reception they will be able to change things up as your wedding reception’s mood changes and people start requesting songs.

Does Your Live Wedding Band Fit Your Theme?

Most weddings have some sort of theme.

You can have a traditional theme or the beach wedding theme or even a cosplay wedding.

Regardless of your wedding’s theme the live wedding band you choose should be able to match it.

Imagine how jarring it would be to have a traditionally themed wedding and the live wedding band starts crunching out some death metal tunes.

Or how confusing it would be to have a string quartet when you have a surf themed wedding.

Pretty horrific.

It is essential to match your wedding theme to the kind of music your live wedding band will play the reception.

To do otherwise risks embarrassment for you and your new spouse.

How Long Does Your Live Wedding Band Need To Set Up?

You need to know how long the band needs to prepare to play.

Knowing this important face will allow you to set the right time for your guests to arrive at the reception.

Knowing how long the wedding band takes to setup will also allow you to coordinate with your venue to get them all the audio and electrical help assistance they may need.

Choosing A Live Wedding Band

If you keep these five tips in mind you will be assured to book a band that meets all the wants and needs of your reception.

Of course there are other things you should consider too

  • Band clothing
  • Music selection
  • The special song
  • Insurance
  • Band contract

If you take the time to make sure things are exactly the way you wish them to be then your live wedding band will help make your special day even more enjoyable.

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