Professional Photography for Your Big Day!

Professional Photography for Your Big Day!

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It has been traditional for many decades to hire a professional photographer but in many ways, this is changing as more and more people seem to be relying on their own smartphones and digital cameras for the job. While this may save some money, it is a decision that can leave the happy couple disappointed and frustrated.

Why You Should Use a Professional Wedding Photographer Instead

The best wedding photographer in Byron Bay will tell you in no uncertain terms that there are a multitude of reasons to choose a professional wedding photographer over an amateur, including:

  • Experience: If you are relying on your friends, family, or an amateur to do your wedding photography, ask yourself this question: do they have sufficient experience? Photographing a wedding can actually be pretty tough work and requires someone who not only knows how to get out of the way but can also tell a coherent story through the visual medium of photography.
  • Equipment: While it might be tempting to use a cheap digital camera or smartphone to record your wedding event, the fact is that the results will not rival those from a professional DSLR and high-end lenses. One of the reasons why you pay for a professional photographer is because you want the best results possible. You want the best images, the best editing, and the best selection from which to choose. Professional equipment will provide better results than a cheap camera or smartphone. That’s the bottom line.
  • Technical Expertise: Even if one of your friends has a pretty snazzy DSLR, does he or she really understand how to use it properly? Will he or she be able to shoot in low light without producing a blurry image? Will he or she understand what to focus on? Does he or she know about how to use depth of field through the use of aperture settings?

The fact is that wedding photography in Byron Bay is your best bet for getting good photographic results. Hiring professionals means that you can rely on them to do their job while you concentrate on your special day.

The Beauty of Natural Photography

Even the best Byron Bay wedding photographer will tell you that some professionals simply get in the way. They may not understand how to communicate to their clients well or just favour a photographic approach that is a lot more “in your face”. The good news is that natural wedding photography is becoming more popular.

A natural wedding photographer favours a more relaxed and laid-back approach to photographing a wedding. This doesn’t mean that they are unmotivated, but rather that they simply fade into the background and do their job without getting in the way. In this sense, they are a joy to work with because they prioritise communication and taking a backseat to the main attraction while still doing their job.

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