Say “I Do” in Thailand!

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It doesn’t matter if you have toured Thailand on your feet or virtually – you are deemed to be awestricken with its jaw-dropping natural beauty and the soothing pace of life. Most people who have a are planning destination weddings, have Thailand on their lists as an option. Thailand destination weddings have become increasingly popular over time! Among the famous locations for luxury destination weddings in Thailand, are Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Naka Islands to name a few!

Thailand has spectacular beaches for the most beautiful destination weddings as well as indoor venues for couples who wouldn’t want to tie knots or say the vows by the sea! Ruby red sunsets, cream-colored beaches and azure waters are what defines the Thai beaches. Couples usually opt to hire a Caribbean wedding designer to make their wedding day perfect and memorable. Want to make sure that everything goes smooth? We can help you with that.

Decide if you want to invite the fiery sun or the gray clouds to your wedding!

When you decide the time of the year to get married in Thailand, make sure that you choose the time as per the weather conditions. Firstly, arrangements will have to be made for the hot sun or the sporadic showers. Between November to February, the temperature becomes mild and the rainy weather comes to an end thus it’s a good time to get married for anyone prefers dry climate. Travel prices also drop during this time, so it is a good call.

Most wedding designer for destination weddings would recommend their clients to tie knots keeping up with the local culture. So, read up the Thai culture and specifically the wedding traditions to give our ceremony the ultimate THAI twist!

Celebrate the most exotic wedding!

Hold your wedding at a mountain retreat, on a beach, in a botanical garden, a private villa or at a jungle lodge – Thailand has it all for you! Thailand is your ultimate wedding dream. Not only for the locations, but Thai cuisine is loved at weddings. Food is what takes most of the attention if not all. When you talk about the Thai food – it is colorful, healthy, and also zesty! Not only the Thai food, but you can find top chefs for a variety of cuisines to be served to your guest in Thailand so it becomes convenient in terms of menu options for your wedding.

You can turn your destination wedding into a holiday destination for your guests and they will love it! They can snorkel, get a massage, forest trekking and what not! Also, considered as lucky, light up a Thai lantern on the night when you get married. According to the Buddhist belief, it shoos away the misfortune. So why don’t you take this step when commencing a new life with your love?

Did you know: Getting married on the Land of Smiles – Thailand, will not make your marriage legally valid in Thailand? You will have to go through a lawful process. Aside from the passport, you will require a foreigner’s affidavit of freedom to marrying. It needs to be certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before heading for marriage registration. Some nationals are required to report their marriage at their country’s embassy in Thailand, so you will have to inquire about it when you get your affidavits.

And by the way…

You can find a variety of flowers in Thailand. They are gorgeous and inexpensive! Make the unbreakable vows in a serene setting with a lot of light scented and beautiful floral arrangements. This occasion will be one-of-its-kind and exclusive. Packing your bags for Thailand? We wish you luck, happy wedding!

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