Some Easy Ways of Making Sure That Your Wedding Day Goes Just as You Both Hope It Will (Or even better!)

Some Easy Ways of Making Sure That Your Wedding Day Goes Just as You Both Hope It Will (Or even better!)

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This year has indeed been an interesting one and it’s going to be even more interesting if you’re going to be lucky enough to get married. If you can believe it, in Australia, weddings and marriages are making a welcome comeback as more and more people are returning to good old traditional values.

And to make that special day even more memorable, is what every couple who have made the decision to stay together should really be aiming at. So let’s what you can do:

  1. Go to bed earlier than usual on the night before so you can wake up nice and refreshed. Remember that smart people plan bachelor and bachelorette parties about a week ahead of time.
  2. Eat a good hearty breakfast which will take a while to break down in your body and keep you going. This is important because brides and grooms may go long periods of time without any eating.
  3. You’ll be wanting to relax and have a great time with your bridesmaids, without any stress over getting finished in time. So, grant yourself plenty of time to get ready.
  4. Brides often make the mistake of wearing a T-shirts which must be pulled up over their freshly coiffed hair when it’s ready. By wearing a dress shirt, you can simply unbutton it damaging your beautifully styled hair.
  5. Grooms should make note of everything they must to do on the morning of the wedding. Groomsmen are usually less helpful in such matters, although they will remember to bring plenty of beer! Have a chat with them about good behaviour also!
  6. Make sure to check out potential wedding reception venues in Sydney, and do a little online research to find the best. Check out reviews and what others have said before deciding. Also, you may be lucky enough to find one which puts on the very best in food and beverages also.
  7. If you’ve chosen and purchased a really great pair of shoes for the special day, make sure that they are broken in before the event. You certainly won’t be feeling too good walking around all day with blisters on your feet.
  8. Hire a great photographer or video specialist will ensure that your memories will live forever. Inform them of what you want and then listen to their expert advice also. Drone wedding videos are trending at the moment!
  9. Talking about photography, why not take a few selfies as those candid shots provide a fun counterpoint to the photographer’s stylised professional pictures.

And finally, the very last one is a no brainer! Relax and really enjoy the experience! For both of you, that special day is indeed going to be a special day, and may you stay together forever and a day! The very best of luck!

Louie Elijah

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