Why Bali should be your Wedding Destination

Why Bali should be your Wedding Destination

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Imagine exchanging your wedding vows in a pristine location of your dreams. Do you see the beauty of nature surrounding you? The soft waves of the oceans rising and falling lightly as if in celebration with you. The charm of tropical goodness. The dense mountains extending a huge cover as if to shield your love. The overhanging cliffs above you looking on in cheer.

What bliss. If you would like to enjoy the above and more romantic escapades on your honeymoon, come with me to Bali.

What are the Pros of having your Wedding and Honeymoon in Bali?

Bali is one of the top modern day wedding and honeymoon destinations. It attracts thousands of elated brides and their amused grooms every year, all eager to experience what is going to be their most enchanting private trip yet.

You decide the exact kind of wedding ceremony to have and even choose your preferred honeymoon destinations. We say destinations because you’re not limited to only one place.

And the best part is:

You can have the wedding in one location, say Berawa or Ubud, and spend your honeymoon in the charming Gili Islands then cross over to the cultural rich Lombok area. It’s all very customizable. Use The Seven Holiday honeymoon packages for an all-inclusive tour that will take you to every corner of Bali.

What makes these wedding packages unique is the fact that they are fully tailor-made for each couple.

The wedding planner consults with you to find out what kind of experiences you hope to create, then picks the locations that match those expectations. If you would like to visit a particular destination, the wedding planning agency will work with you to make that possible. At the end of the day, you bring your dream wedding/honeymoon to life.

Seven Agency wedding packages are designed to help you spend less on your wedding and the period after.

The people who came up with the package ideas believe that this is one of the most significant times in a couple’s lives, and it should be surrounded by positivity. They removed the negativity of money worries and anxiety over how you’ll survive after an expensive wedding trip, by making each package affordable, no matter what time of year you choose to have your wedding.

Every service is delivered in a professional manner.

The experienced wedding planners in charge of your package are western managed experts who have mastered how to give world-class service.

You’ll be introduced to the Bali way of life and experience first-hand the different lifestyles in cross-sections of Balinese culture.

Enjoy the lively Bali nightlife, sample diverse international cuisines at the island’s finest hotels, get pampered at the luxurious hotels you’ll stay in, and revel in private dinners and spa treatments.

As you watch the enthralling dazzle of the sun’s first rays on your last day in Bali, you’ll be glad you had the ocean, waterfalls, imposing rocks, mountains, and wildlife to share the past 14 days with because you’re enlivened, and a different person from who you were on your first day here.

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