Monique Lhuillier and Jewelry Beads

Monique Lhuillier is the world-renowned couture and ready-to-wear fashion designer. Monique Lhuillier has become a leading presence in the fashion industry, her designs bridging the gap between red-carpet glamour and everyday elegance. Her designs are timeless and effortless, expressing femininity and grace.

Inspired by her travels, Monique entertains us with her beloved designs, rooted in a luxurious, modern, and glamorous vibe. From dazzling gowns to exquisite jewelry, Monique Lhuillier’s vision has been embraced by the most discriminating clientele.

Jewelry Beading

Monique is a true believer in the concept of jewelry beading and has crafted many pieces of jewelry with beading as the main component. One of her most famous works is her Swarovski necklace that was part of her 2018 Dusk collection. The intricate, delicate beading adorns a stunning choker with a floral motif and features Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle. This timeless piece of jewelry makes a beautiful addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Monique also crafted the Dewdrop earrings from her latest collection, featuring 14K gold plated beads and delicate Swarovski crystals, for an extra dose of sparkle. An effortlessly chic look for any occasion, this elegant pair of earrings will have you turning heads.

Bead Crafting

Monique Lhuillier has a knack for creating breathtaking jewelry pieces with beads as the main component. She often mixes and matches different colored beads to make unique, stunning pieces that are perfect for any occasion. She also uses a wide range of materials, such as metal, wood, and even plastic, to give her jewelry a distinctive look.

The Mariposa bracelet is one of Monique’s most popular pieces, featuring a mix of glass and wooden beads in different sizes and depths. The Mariposa bracelet is the perfect way to showcase Monique’s unique style and intricate bead work.

Statement Jewelry Pieces

Monique Lhuillier is known for creating striking, glamorous statement jewelry pieces. Her Multi Chandelier earrings feature an intricately designed web of Swarovski crystals and glass beads for a truly eye-catching piece of jewelry. The earrings are the perfect finishing touch for any formal look.

Monique’s beaded jewelry pieces are perfect for any occasion, from the boardroom to the red carpet. Her signature timeless style, mixed with her intricate bead work, make for stunning pieces that will make you sparkle.


Monique Lhuillier is renowned for her creativity and flair when it comes to fashion, and her beaded jewelry pieces are no exception. Whether you’re looking for a subtle touch of sparkle, or a bold and beautiful statement piece, Monique Lhuillier’s jewelry pieces will have you turning heads.

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