Bridal Accessories Include The Guest Book

Weddings are a special occasion and it is important to remember special moments while at the same time wanting to ensure your guests leave with something to remember the event. One way to help capture the memories and ensure guests remember the special event is to have a guest book.

What Is A Guest Book?

A guest book is a book where guests at any event can write personal messages, wishes, and words of advice. At a wedding, a guest book is often placed near the entrance, typically with a pen and a table. Guests can write messages to the couple to wish them well, to congratulate them on their special day, and to offer any words of advice or wisdom.

Types of Guest Books

There are different types of guest books available for weddings. Here are some of the more popular and common guest books for weddings:

  • Standard Book: A standard book typically contains blank pages for guests to write their messages. The couple can then keep the book as a keepsake and remember all those who attended the event.
  • Mirror Book: A mirror book is a unique spin on the traditional guest book. Instead of blank pages, guests are asked to use markers or pens to write wishes that get transferred onto the mirror. After the event, the couple can display the mirror as a reminder of their special day.
  • Polaroid Guest Book: If you’re looking for something special and Instagram-worthy, a polaroid guest book may be the option for you. Guests are asked to take a polaroid photo wearing your wedding colors and adding the date of the event. At the end of the night, you’ll have a fun and creative way to look back at pictures from your wedding.

Finding The Perfect Guest Book

Choosing the perfect guest book for your wedding can be a daunting task. The book should be tailored to the wedding and reflect the couple’s personalities. Additionally, the guest book should be easy to transport and must be displayed in an area that is easily noticeable by your guests. Consider these factors when deciding on the perfect guest book for your wedding.

The perfect guest book is an important and special accessory for your wedding day. Carefully choose the style, size, and type that best suits your wedding and it will be a lovely memory of all the special guests who attended.

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