Bridal Hairstyle can be customized according to your Figure and Bridal Dress

Choosing the right hairstyle for the day of your wedding can make or break your entire look. But if you find yourself torn between all the bridal hairstyle options, don’t stress yourself out. Your hairstyle should be in line with the shape of your face, your dress and the hairstyle of your bridal party. Read on to find out how you can pick the best hairstyle for your wedding day.

Examine Your Figure and Dress

The shape of your body and the style of your wedding dress should be your primary considerations when it comes to selecting a hairstyle. If you have an hourglass figure and a more traditional dress with a corset, then a glam updo is a great match. If you have a sheath column dress with a more contemporary cut, then a sleek bun can seal the look. The shape of your dress will also determine the best way for you to show off your neckline, whether that’s a sleek bob or cascading curls.

Consider the Haircut for Your Face Shape

When it comes to the shape of your face, there are certain hairstyles that work better than others. For example, round faces look great with the volume of a curled bob or cascading curls, while oval faces look great with an updo. Some hairstyles can help add volume to your face, such as a half-up with wavy tendrils, while others can help minimize a broad forehead, such as pulled back with face-framing layers.

Decide on the Hair Accessories

The type of hair accessories you choose can also make or break your overall look. If you’re wearing a traditional dress, then a tiara or jeweled headpiece can really add to the glamour. On the other hand, if you’re choosing a more contemporary look, then a simple barrette or comb can add sophistication. You should also consider a veil if you want to add some drama to your look.

Choosing the Right Products

The right hairstyle products can help create the look you want for your special day. Consider investing in products that are specifically designed to keep your locks in place throughout the night, such as hairspray, mousse, and even special tins for updos. You should also take note of the length of your hair — shorter tresses may need a styling balm or mousse to help with hold, while longer hair can benefit from a hairspray and serum.


Choosing the right bridal hairstyle largely depends on the shape of your face, body, dress, and accessories. But don’t worry — getting the perfect look for your special day is as easy as considering the shape of your figure, the design of your dress, and the type of hair accessory that can pull your look together. With the right products and styling, you’ll have the perfect hairstyle for your dream wedding day.

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