Ethnic Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions have been passed down through generations of different cultures, giving each wedding a special and unique character. Each culture has their own way of interpreting the importance of marriage, and these differences bring an array of wedding traditions which have become a popular part of the wedding ceremony. Here are some interesting ethnic wedding traditions from around the world:

Chinese Wedding Traditions

  • The bride’s family sets up an elaborate wedding banquet with various special dishes.
  • The bride typically wears a red dress and has her hair neatly wreathed with red silk flowers.
  • The ceremony includes the bride and groom drinking tea to pay respect to their ancestors.
  • The family will typically give the newlyweds money and jewelry to congratulate them.

Indian Wedding Traditions

  • The bride and groom come together for an exchange of garlands.
  • The bride wears a lot of jewelry, typically glass bangles and mangal sutra (marriage necklace).
  • The groom applies mehndi (henna) onto the bride’s hands.
  • The bride and groom exchange rings to symbolize the union.

Jewish Wedding Traditions

  • The bride and groom each participate in the bedeken, a ritual where the groom covers the bride’s face with a veil.
  • The ketubah is signed, a wedding contract symbolizing the bride and groom’s commitment to each other.
  • The bride and groom link arms and walk around a ceremonial huppah seven times.
  • The groom smashes a glass with his foot, signifying the fragility of life.

Ethnic weddings can be fascinating to watch and experience. Each culture places a different importance on different customs and values, making each wedding tradition special and unique. No matter which ethnic wedding traditions you choose to incorporate into your own wedding, it’s sure to be a memorable and beautiful day.

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