How To Bust A Wedding Crasher

Not all wedding guests are invited, even though we never like to think about it. Uninvited guests, or wedding crashers, have become almost a trope in television and movies. But if one were to unexpectedly arrive at your wedding, how should you handle the situation?

1. Establish a Guest List

Although it might seem obvious, it’s important to remember that the first step to preventing wedding crashers is to have a guest list. Make sure all attendees are accounted for and remain aware of who attends your wedding. The more thorough the guest list is, the more prepared the bride and groom—and the staff that they have hired—will be to identify those who don’t belong.

2. Train Your Staff

While it might not be feasible for couples to personally check every arriving guest at their weddings, you can count on wedding staffers to help. Make sure to train them with descriptions of all invited guests. This could include, for example, a list of who’s in the wedding party, the names of invited guests, and any other special instructions.

3. Know the Rules

In some states and countries, there are specific regulations regarding how a wedding crasher should be dealt with. Be sure to familiarize yourself with local wedding laws. Depending on where you have your wedding, crashers may have different rights, or may potentially be committing a criminal offense.

4. Ask for Identification

If a wedding crasher does manage to slip past your guards, or you simply suspect someone is not invited, you can ask for identification. This could be a driver’s license or other form of government issued ID. This can also serve as evidence in the event that any legal action needs to be taken.

5. Escort Them Out

It’s important to remember that dealing with wedding crashers should be done in a polite and discreet way. A wedding is still a joyous occasion, even if someone crashes the celebration. If discreetly asking an unwelcome guest to leave is not effective, it is best to contact security or the authorities if needed.


Dealing with uninvited guests on your special day can be a stressful experience. Although following these tips can help you maintain control in the event of a wedding crasher, the most important advice is to remain calm and remind yourself it’s still your day to enjoy.

  • Establish a Guest List
  • Train Your Staff
  • Know the Rules
  • Ask for Identification
  • Escort Them Out

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