The Role of the Maid of Honor in a Wedding

The Maid of Honor plays an important role in any wedding. From planning the bridal shower to assisting the Bride on the day of the ceremony, the Maid of Honor is an important part of the wedding day. The following responsibilities usually fall on the Maid of Honor.

Duties of the Maid of Honor

  • Participate in Planning:
    Help the bride plan the wedding. This can range from recommending venues and vendors to helping assemble wedding favors and decorations.
  • Help with Pre-Wedding Preparations:
    Lead bridal shower planning, send out invitations and attend dress fittings and any other pre-wedding activities.
  • Assist Bride on the Wedding Day:
    Help the bride with last-minute wedding day details; assist with arrangements, such as straightening the bride’s gown before walking down the aisle and making sure the wedding veil is properly placed.
  • Give a Speech:
    Write and deliver a speech during the reception to honor the wedding couple. Share stories or memories of the couple and make the guests laugh with lighthearted jokes.
  • Help with Pictures:
    Be a support system during pictures by assisting the wedding photographer and helping the groom with the bride’s train or any other items that need fixing during pictures.
  • Keep the Bride Calm:
    Also known as being a bridesmaid therapist. Keep the bride calm and composed before she walks down the aisle. Help her with any moments of pre-wedding jitters and nerves.
  • Be a Good Host:
    Be hospitable to all the wedding guests and make them feel comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception. Make sure that guests stay hydrated, get what they need from the bar, and move from the cocktail hour to the reception hall in a timely manner.

Having a Maid of Honor by your side on your wedding day will help to make planning and executing your special event effortless and stress-free. With all the tasks that the Maid of Honor must attend to, it is important that they be someone who the bride can trust and rely on to ensure their special day is perfect.

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