Most Common Indian Cuisines in Toronto

Toronto is home to a vibrant and diverse food culture, with Indian Cuisine being a huge part of the scene. Here are some of the most common Indian cuisines to try in the city.

South Indian Cuisine

Toronto has a large population of South Indian immigrants, and their cuisine is well represented in the city. South Indian food is truly unique, with its giant dosas, flavorful curries and fragrant rice dishes. Look for an Udupi-style Indian restaurant, where you will find these tasty dishes and a plethora of chutneys and accompaniments.

North Indian Cuisine

Many of the Indian restaurants in Toronto serve North Indian cuisine. This is the most popular type of Indian food everywhere, featuring classic dishes such as curry, tandoori chicken and biryani. You can also find the signature North Indian flatbread, the naan, at nearly every Indian restaurant in town.

Punjabi Cuisine

Much of North Indian cuisine comes from Punjab, a region in the north of India. Toronto is home to many Punjabi restaurants, featuring flavor-packed dishes such as samosas, curried eggplant, and tandoori-cooked lamb. This type of food is heavy on the spices, with plenty of unique flavor combinations.

Street Food

Toronto is also a great spot for Indian street food. Look for food trucks that specialize in chaat, a type of savory snack, or grab a chaat platter with all the fixings. You can also find a variety of kebabs, naan sandwiches, and other delicious snacks cooked up by vendors.

Regional Cuisine

If you want to try something a little different, there are plenty of regional Indian restaurants to choose from. Look for restaurants specializing in Kerala cuisine, Indo-Chinese, or Goan dishes, all of which have their own unique flavor profiles.

Vegetarian Options

Many Indian restaurants in Toronto offer vegetarian options, including plenty of delicious vegan dishes. Look for special dishes that are only available in Indian restaurants, such as dhal, vegetable biryani, or paneer.

You don’t have to look hard to find great Indian food in Toronto. There is something for everyone, with a variety of flavors and styles available. So, why not take the opportunity to explore and try something new?

Happy eating!

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