Planning Your Own Fabulous Wedding

Organizing your own wedding is a thrilling but daunting prospect. You want it to be perfect and a day to remember, but where to even start?

1. Set a Budget

First and foremost you need to decide how much you can afford to spend and how you are going to allocate it.

2. Select the Date

Decide on the date for the wedding. Ask your family and friends to check their diaries and try to select a date when the majority of people will be able to attend.

3. Choose a Venue

The major decisions you have to make are: what type of wedding do you want—hosted at a wedding hall or church, or an intimate event? Do you want a traditional or modern experience?

4. Find Your Vendors

Find the right food, bridal gown and accessories; florists; photographers; videographers; and any other service that you will need.

5. Compile a List of Guests

Create a list of family and friends you would like to invite to your wedding.

6. Create a Wedding Website

Create a website to keep your guests informed of your plans. On the website, you can include directions to the wedding, updates about the ceremony, reception, lodging, restaurants near the wedding venue and other helpful information.

7. Handle the Paperwork

Handle the paperwork early!

  • Marriage license: apply at least a month prior to the wedding day.
  • Bride and Groom lists: Determine who will be in the bridal party.
  • Thank-you notes: Buy blank cards and have them on hand to send out thank-you’s.

8. Enjoy the Countdown

Allow yourself a few months before the wedding day to take care of other details and enjoy the planning process. Get all the things ready, check the timeline and take the wedding day to make all your special dreams come true.

Planning the perfect wedding is a huge task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A little organization and making use of the resources available will go a long way in making your special day one to remember!

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