The Etiquette On Distributing Wedding Favors

A wedding is a special occasion and it is a day couples want to cherish for the rest of their lives. They also want the day to be special for their guests who show up to celebrate the big day. One way to satisfy this aim is to give a token of appreciation to their guests – wedding favors.

Things To Consider When Choosing Wedding Favors

When deciding to give wedding favors, couples have to go through a few steps.

  • Set your budget. Wedding favors often form a big chunk of the wedding budget. It is imperative that couples set aside a budget for this aspect to ensure they are within their financial limits.
  • Get Favors That’ll Last. Couples often prefer to give items that guests can remember and keep to long after the wedding day. Good ideas can range from beautifully wall art to something edible like macaroons and ice cream.
  • Personalize the favours. Couples can create favors that have their names, wedding date and even the monogram combined. Such personalized favors will be kept and remembered by the guests.

Wedding Favor Thank You Notes

It is not enough to only buy wedding favors. Couples are obliged to also include a thank you note with it. The thank you note is an acknowledgment of the guests’ presence, gifts, and well-wishes. Furthermore, thank you notes are even brought for those who come to the wedding but were not on the invitation list.

When To Distribute Wedding Favors

People have the misconception that wedding favors can only be distributed at the end of the wedding. In actual fact, thoughtful couples give them out instantly when guests walk in. Most couples choose to set up a small decorative box by the entrance of the reception hall, so guests can easily pick up the favors.

Conclusively, Wedding Favors are a way to thank guests for coming to the wedding and couples must ensure that utmost consideration goes into getting the right favors and giving gift thank you cards in return. It will be a lasting gesture that your guests will be sure to appreciate.

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