The Swarovski’s Crystal Jewelry Colors

When it comes to impeccable crystal jewelry, there is no brand that can match Swarovski. Their trendy designs, magical crystal cuts, and vivid colors captivate the world. Here is a list of Swarovski’s crystal jewelry colors that anyone can wear to make their outfit extra special.

Black Diamond

The cool sheen of the black diamond cut crystal makes any piece of jewelry it is featured on stand out and look instantly sophisticated. The black diamond cut instantly adds an allure of mystery to your look.


For a bright, effervescent look, nothing can beat the jonquil cut crystal. This yellow-orange shade is perfect for bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that you want to wear with an energetic, upbeat look.

Rose Gold

If you’re looking for something a little more muted, then you should definitely try the rose gold crystal cut. This color is perfect for glamming up an everyday outfit by adding a hint of subtle, shimmery luxury.

Light Amethyst

The Light Amethyst cut from Swarovski just melts any heart. This effulgent and creamy color can be found in any type of jewelry for any occasion. It is perfect to grab someone’s attention immediately.

White Opal

The sparkling glow of the White Opal cut from Swarovski is perfect for a romantic night. This dreamy pastel hue can be found in earrings, necklaces, and more and gives off a beautiful twinkle that helps any outfit sparkle.


If you’re looking for something a little more daring, then the Cobalt crystal cut is exactly what you need. This daringly blue hue will liven up any outfit with its vibrant energy.

The best part about Swarovski crystal jewelry is that it can be adapted to fit any look. Whether you’re looking for a subtle addition to a daytime look or something more daring to wear out at night, there is a perfect Swarovski crystal cut for you. So take your pick from these stunning colors and get ready to dazzle the world.

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