The 1920s Bridal Attire

The 1920s was a period of great cultural transition. Along with this transition, the bridal attire of the 1920s had some interesting aspects. The following are three interesting aspects involving the 1920s bridal attire:


Headpieces were popular in 1920s bridal attire. Common headpieces included headbands, turbans, and veils. Most headpieces consisted of decorative touches such as veiling, feathers, silk, and lace.

Bustle Skirts

The bustle was a popular style for bridal attire in the 1920s, which accentuated the hips by having them slightly raised. Such skirts were voluminous and often had long trains. The bustle was sometimes adorned with detailing on the hemline and around the top.


Decorative embellishments were commonplace in the 1920s bridal attire. These included fabric rosettes, appliques, pleats, and beaded trim. Embellishments were often used to create an elegant and unique look.

To conclude, the 1920s bridal attire consisted of some unique and interesting aspects. Whether it was the headpieces, bustle skirts, or the embellishments, all of these defining aspects contributed to making the 1920s bridal attire a memorable style.

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