Tie The Knot Quickly with Las Vegas Wedding Chapels: Part 1

Getting married in Las Vegas is exciting and fast! All you need for a romantic ceremony is the right wedding chapel. Here are some of the most popular wedding chapels in Las Vegas that are ready to help you tie the knot quickly.

A Little White Wedding Chapel

A Little White Wedding Chapel is the most famous wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Celebrities like Bruce Willis, Britney Spears, and Judy Garland have all been married here. The Chapel offers a variety of different wedding packages including traditional ceremonies, drive thru weddings, helicopter weddings, and more. They also offer services for same-sex marriage and Elvis themed weddings.

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel offers traditional and themed ceremonies. They have packages that include different decor and the wedding of your dreams. They offer themed ceremonies including a prohibition-style wedding, an Elvis ceremony, and a classic Las Vegas showgirl ceremony. Their chapel boasts a 10-foot crystal chandelier, velvet pew chairs, and a spiral staircase.

Graceland Wedding Chapel

If you’re looking for an Elvis themed wedding, Graceland Wedding Chapel is the place to go. They offer a traditional Elvis ceremony with your own personal Elvis impersonator. They also offer unique packages including a drive-thru ceremony, a spy-themed wedding, and more.

Bellagio Wedding Chapel

The Bellagio Wedding Chapel is one of the most luxurious wedding chapels in Las Vegas. The chapel features a crystal chandelier, encaustic tile floors, and rich mahogany walls. They offer traditional and themed ceremonies including the “Colors of Love” package and the “Midnight in Paris” package. You can also add on extras like a harpist or saxophone player to make your ceremony even more memorable.


Las Vegas is the perfect place to get married quickly and with style. Whether you’re getting married with a traditional ceremony or a themed ceremony, there’s a wedding chapel in Las Vegas that’s perfect for you.

The top five wedding chapels in Las Vegas are:

  • A Little White Wedding Chapel
  • Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
  • Graceland Wedding Chapel
  • Bellagio Wedding Chapel

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