Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Photos

Getting creative with your wedding photography can add an extra special touch to your special day and create photos which will be remembered for a lifetime. To make sure your wedding photos will stand out from others, here are some of our favorite ideas for capturing that perfect moment.

1. Get Outside

Take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors to create wedding photos that everyone will adore. Capture your couple photos in a nearby garden or park. You can also find a unique place such as a beach, forest or mountain top to create an even more special and personal touch to your wedding photos.

2. Use Props

Using props to enhance your photos can be a great way to have fun and capture your personalities in the moment. This could include anything from bringing a picnic basket for a picnic-style photoshoot, or having your pet join the shoot for some adorable photos.

3. Go Vintage

If you’re looking for something unique and timeless, ask your photographer to suggest setting up a vintage style shoot. This could include you and your partner wearing classic clothing, the use of props such as old bicycles or vintage furniture, and shooting at a retro location such as a classic car showroom or old theatre.

4. Add Color

Bring some color and fun to your photos with a themed backdrop or props. This could including a colorful tent or bright balloons or other decors to add an interesting and unique touch to your photos.

5. Pay Attention to Details

When capturing the smaller details that make your day special, make sure you do not overlook the décor. Little details such as invitations, table settings, and flowers have their own story to tell and can help to tell the story of your day.


Creating unique and stunning wedding photos can help to make your special day even more personal and memorable. Consider our these suggestions and work with your wedding photographer to come up with your own ideas to capture your day in a beautiful and timeless way.

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