Wedding Etiquette for the Groom’s Parents

As the parents of the groom, your duties may vary depending on your financial situation. Your main goal however, is to ensure that your son and his new wife have the wedding of their dreams. With that in mind, here are some general wedding etiquette tips to keep in mind:

Before the Wedding:

  • Help Pay: If you can afford it, offer to help financially with the wedding. The amount you contribute will depend on your financial situation and the amount of responsibility taken on by the bride’s family.
  • Offer Planning Assistance: If you cannot contribute financially, offer to help with planning and organization. There is plenty to do in the months leading up to a wedding, and your help will be appreciated.
  • Gift the Couple: Many couples have registries that make it easy to buy the couple a gift. If not, think of items that will help them in their new life together and give something meaningful to the couple.

During the Wedding:

  • Be on Time: Be sure to show up on time to the wedding and any events leading up to it. Running late can throw off the entire schedule and make the couple or their families anxious.
  • Be Engaged and Supportive: Even if you may not know many of the guests, be sure to be engaged and supportive of your son and the bride. Actively participate in the wedding, such as taking photos and dancing. This will mean a great deal to the couple.
  • LookSharp: While the couple may have chosen the wedding attire for their guests, be sure to make an effort to look your best. This will show your respect for the couple’s special day.

After the Wedding:

  • Sent Thank You Notes: After the couple receives their gifts, send out thank you notes to everyone who gave them a present. This will show your gratitude and bring a smile to the giver’s face.
  • Offer Assistance: As the newlyweds adjust to married life, offer to help them in any way you can. This could be sharing tips on finances and budgeting, offering parenting advice, or simply providing a listening ear from time to time.

By following these wedding etiquette tips, you can be sure that you’ll have a role in helping make your son and his new wife’s special day one to remember.

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