Wedding Etiquette on Hotel Rooms

As a couple, getting married is such an exciting time. While the engagement and wedding plans are very hectic, you do have to follow a certain etiquette for the honeymoon hotel stay. To ensure the hotel stay goes off without a hitch, here are some etiquette tips to follow:

Ensure the Room’s Privacy

First, it’s important to let the hotel staff know you are on your honeymoon. This will ensure your hotel room’s privacy from any intrusions from housekeeping services. Regarding your room rate, you may get a discount depending on the hotel you stay at.

Arrange for a Special Setup

Don’t be afraid to ask the hotel staff to decorate the room in romantic fashion. From a honeymoon suite decked out in rose petals and candles to champagne, ask the hotel staff to set up the perfect atmosphere for your stay.

Tips for Housekeeping

Remember, housekeeping is there to assist you during your stay. If you require anything during your stay – like an iron or extra towels – don’t be shy to ask. For any specific request, be sure to give the hotel staff a decent tip.

Keep the Room Clean

When it comes to the room, remember to keep the mess to a minimum and clean after yourselves. Before you leave, quickly go through the room and make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Booking a Room

  • Do: Make sure your hotel stay is prepaid, so there are no surprises on check-out day
  • Don’t: Corral a bunch of your wedding guests in one room for the weekend
  • Do: Bring snacks and drinks to keep in the room – you don’t want to be wandering around late at night for food
  • Don’t: Blast your music or have a wild party – hotel staff are very keen on those sorts of activities


Planning a hotel stay during your wedding can be an exciting experience. Follow these tips and you’ll ensure the hotel staff take good care of you. Just remember to thank the hotel staff as you’re checking out with a nice tip and positive feedback.

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