Wedding Favors: A Gift for the Guests

Wedding favors are small gifts presented to the guests of a wedding by the bride and groom. Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes, and often reflect the couple’s personality and style.

Traditions and History

Wedding favors were traditionally used to thank the guests for attending and were also an expression of appreciation for the wedding gifts presented. In ancient times, Roman and Middle Eastern couples were known to give guests almonds or sugared food as favors. Popular wedding favor items include edible treats such as sweets, chocolates, and candies, trinkets such as glassware and other small items, or decorative items such as hand fans, bookmarks, and picture frames.

Types of Favors

There are many different types of favors that can be given to guests:

  • Edible Favors – These can include sweets, chocolates, and candies, as well as other treats such as mini pies, cookies, and cupcakes.
  • Personalized Favors – Personalized favors are great for expressing the couple’s style and tastes. Items such as wine glass charms, mugs, or custom cookies can all be personalized with the couple’s names or wedding date.
  • DIY Favors – DIY favors are a great way to represent the couple’s personalities without breaking the bank. Popular items to give include homemade soaps, candles, and jams, or items that are DIY-able with a bit of creativity.

The Perfect Favor

The perfect wedding favor should reflect the couple’s personalities and style, be memorable and useful, and show appreciation to the guests for attending the wedding. By choosing something that best suits the couple’s style and budget, wedding favors can be a small yet meaningful way to thank the guests for making the couple’s day extra special.

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