Wedding Favors Etiquette

Wedding Favors are a small token of thanks to your wedding guests and often serve as a memento of your special day. But along with the tradition of wedding favors comes certain etiquette that needs to be observed. Here are some guidelines for wedding favors etiquette:

Choosing the Favors

  • Choose favors that are appropriate for your wedding and guests – age, religious/cultural preferences, and budget.
  • Strive for the favors to be practical and memorable.
  • Keep favors in tune with the character of the event.
  • Do not financially burden yourself – financing of the favors is not mandatory.

Providing the Favors

  • Send out “Save the Date” cards to better plan the number of favors.
  • Plan enough time to shop and assemble the favors.
  • Think of creative ways to display and deliver the favors.
  • Present the favors at the reception table.

Thanking Your Guests

  • Include a personalized thank-you tag, hand-written note, or card with the favors.
  • Consider adding a small wedding favor at each place setting.

Observing wedding favors etiquette should be easy and fun once you’ve made your choice. Doing so is your way of showing your guests how much you appreciate them sharing your special day.

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