Wedding Favors for a Fall Wedding

Fall wedding season brings with it romantic scenes of crisp, cool autumn days and a fire burning brightly in the hearth. To really complete the picture, why not offer your wedding guests a few favors that capture the warmth of the season? Here are a few ideas for wedding favors for a perfect fall wedding:

Autumn Flowers

Autumn brings with it an array of beautiful, colorful flowers. Choose copies of your wedding bouquet, such as pumpkin daisies, sunflowers and lilies, to create warm and unique fall favors. Tie them in small bundles with colorful satin ribbons and place them at each guest’s setting or package them in pretty boxes with stickers or tags.


Candles are perfect for a fall wedding and are easy to give out as favors. Choose fragrant autumn scents such as cinnamon, apple or pumpkin spice to add a cozy, warm feeling in the air.

Food Items

Give your guests something special to take home with them, such as homemade jams and chutneys, pumpkin bread and muffins or nuts and dried fruit. Package them in unique and attractive containers with personalized tags.

Seasonal Favors

  • Fall leaves: package colorful, artificial fall leaves into small boxes or tins with a personalized message.
  • Pine Cones: choose some beautiful, natural pine cones and package them with a ribbon and personalized tag for each guest.
  • Honey: buy some jars of local honey and give each guest a souvenir from your special day.
  • Personalized Scarves: give your guests a special fall-themed scarf with your names and date printed on it.

A fall wedding is an especially romantic time of year and adding the small touches of gifts and favors will ensure that your guests have a special reminder of your special day.

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