Wedding Parties and Wedding Receptions

A wedding is a joyous moment for two families, combining two independent lives into one union. The ceremony is the traditional way to begin this new bond together – but this is just the beginning and festivities offer lots of ways to honour the bride and groom and to celebrate their new devotion to one another.

The Wedding Party

The wedding party usually consists of a Maid of Honour, a Best Man, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Traditionally they all wear the same colour and style of clothing, although this is now done on request of the couple. The wedding party will stand nearby during the wedding ceremony and watch the proceedings closely.

The Reception

Once the ceremony is finished, attention will be turned to the reception which may take place anywhere from a hotel to a grand banquet hall to the comfort of the family home. This can vary greatly in style and budget. Generally, the reception will start with some kind of formal dinner or dinner-like event. Music and dancing is commonplace, and many couples will choose to have their own first dance.

Kept Traditions

Some traditions can be kept alive at wedding receptions such as the cutting of the cake, throwing of the bouquet or the garter toss. Couples will generally have some sort of wedding favour or gift to give to their guests to show their appreciation. Champagne toasts are traditionally done by the wedding party at the start of the reception.

Making It Memorable

From decorations and catering to entertainment, there are lots of ways to make your wedding party and reception special and memorable. Speak with your vendors and wedding party to come up with ideas and decorations that you can tailor to your style and budget.

Once the big day is over, the memories made that day will be there forever – and you will have ensured the day was special and memorable for everyone who attended.

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