Wedding Photos – Memories in Print

Wedding photos are often the most cherished memories we have of the day, allowing you to relive the emotion and romance of your wedding day years later. Capturing the in-the-moment shots that will create a visual narrative of the day is a challenge, but one that record your wedding day in an incredible way.

Printed photographs make your memories last

Printed photographs are a tangible reminder of the occasion and make it easier to share memories with friends and family. The convenience of being able to pick up the album, flip through it and relive the special moments are invaluable. Special photos can be framed and become timeless pieces of art that can be handed down through generations.

Photography styles for your wedding day

There are many photography styles to choose from for your wedding day. Here are some of the popular ones:

  • Traditional photos, focused on capturing the cherished moments between the bride and groom, as well as their families, during the traditional wedding photo session.
  • Documentary photographs, are shot in a more candid style, capturing the spirit of the day as it is happening, without much involvement or intervention from the photographer.
  • Fine Art photography, that focuses on creating beautiful works of art, featuring props and stylized shots, that give the photos a more dramatic effect.
  • Photojournalistic photography, which captures the couple from close up, with less emphasis on the traditional aspects of wedding photography and more of a candid feel.

Benefits of hiring a professional photographer

When hiring a professional photographer for your wedding, you are ensuring that the photos will capture the meaningful and special moments that happened on the day. Professional photographers have the skill and expertise to use the latest equipment, enabling them to work with a range of light settings and styles to perfect the photos. Wedding photographers work to make sure that they stick to the brief that has been set and involve the couple as much as possible in the photography process.


Wedding photos are some of the most treasured memories of the day. Professional photography enables you to capture the best moments and stories of your wedding day in a meaningful way, and printed photographs will ensure that your memories stand the test of time.

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