Your Guide to Wedding Arches

Wedding arches are an iconic symbol to represent a happy couple’s union on their special day and are a tradition that spans thousands of years. Learn how to choose the perfect wedding arch to suit your celebration.

Types of Materials

  • Wood – A classic option, wood is versatile and the perfect backdrop for any style wedding.
  • Metal – Metal arches are often used in modern settings and provide great stability and a timeless look.
  • Bamboo – Ideal for an outdoor wedding, bamboo is light-weight, durable and gorgeous with an exotic feel.
  • Fabric – Add enchantment to your outdoor wedding with a romantic fabric arch back-dropped by nature.

Arch Decoration

Once you’ve chosen your materials, consider the options for decorating your wedding arch.

  • Flowers: For a classic look, surround your arch with traditional blooms that enhance the overall look of your wedding.
  • Greenery: Make a great statement with lush or delicate greenery to enhance the natural beauty of your arch.
  • Ribbon: Use cascading colored ribbon to personalize your arch.
  • Ornaments: Choose delicate ornaments to accentuate your arch.

Where to Place Your Arch

In addition to style and materials, it’s important to consider the overall look of the arch in its designated space. The arch should not only be a focal point, but it should also beautifully tie in with your venue.


Whether you go the classic or the contemporary route, adding a wedding arch to your ceremony is a great way to create a beautiful and meaningful focus for your celebration. With the right materials, decorations and placement, you’re sure to have an arch that comes together perfectly to make your special day memorable.

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